Broadway United Methodist is committed to providing opportunities for adults of all ages to walk together for the purpose of growing their faith. Our adult ministry programs bring men and women together as they seek to honor God in their homes, careers, relationships, finances, and more. We want to create a network of support for adults in our community to connect with one another on a regular basis for a specific purpose—to know and experience Jesus in community with others. Through small groups, classes, and monthly gatherings, we connect adults together as they connect with Christ.

Mondays at 7:00 pm.

If you are looking for a small group to grow your faith through lively discussion, you'll find that on Monday nights, right here at Broadway United Methodist Church.  Our Monday night groups engage in studies and conversations that challenge us to be community at its best.

September 11 and November 5 at 7:00 pm

Documentary and Discipleship takes participants into the stories and lives that have made an impact on the issues of their day.  We will view a documentary and talk about the social justice needs of the time and where we need to see change in today's culture.

November 6 - 13th

Forward by Nick Cunningham

September 18 through October 30

Pursuing a godly life involves action. It’s not just resistance to sin that matters; fully living into the new life that Christ offers means taking steps forward. Forward is a seven-session study based on 2 Peter 1:3-11 that shows you and members of your small group how to push one another forward in your shared life together, helping one another grow in faith, knowledge, and actions consistent with a Christian life. 

Faithful by Adam Hamilton

Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph

November 20 through December 18

We’re not that different from Joseph. True, we may not be part of a story that will be remembered for all time, but like Joseph, we encounter circumstances that we’d never choose for ourselves. At times, it can be tempting just to walk away, but Joseph provides us a great example of humbly obeying God even when we don’t understand, faithfully moving forward in the strength that God provides. Join Adam Hamilton as he examines Christmas through the eyes of Joseph and learn to accept and glorify God’s will even when our situation makes it difficult to do so.

Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 pm

Wednesdays at Broadway offer opportunities for the everyone.  Start your evening with a community meal served in the Fellowship Hall starting at 5:45 pm.  The adult small group meets at 6:30 pm in the DeLong Lounge.

For those with children, our nursery is available for infants and toddlers.  We also run our Wednesday Faith in Motion for Pre-K throu 5th graders and our Student Life Ministry for youth in grades 6-12 at the same time as Wednesdays Small Group.

Six Ways We Encounter God by Tom Berlin

October 4 through November 8

Worship goes deeper than hymns and recitations. Prayer is more than us talking to God. This adult group study serves as a critical reminder that prayer and worship and stewardship can be more than opportunities to connect with God; they can be encounters with God. Through DVD segments, Scripture, helpful quotations, and space for journaling you’ll take a close look at the six, basic characteristics of God and the corresponding characteristics we should develop in response. You’ll discover how your connection with God can become an encounter with God—and that’s when your life will really change.

Underdogs and Outsiders by Tom Fuerst

November 15, 29, December 6, 13, & 20

There's something about underdogs that makes us cheer them on.  And stories about outsiders always make a good movie script or book.  We will take a look at the lives of five Biblical women and uncover new dimensions of familiar stories and be reminded to look for God in unanticipated places during this Advent season.

Thursday Divina Series

Let's get together in non-traditional settings discover what God is up to in our community, our church, and within ourselves.  The Divina Series meets once a month on a Thursday evening outside the walls of the church, placing in the midst of our neighbors.

Contact the church office for locations and details.

Cinema Divina

6:00 pm

Meet together to view a movie and reflect on what we learn about human nature and God's presence in film.

September 26 - "The Last Word" with Shirley McClain

Cantina Divina

6:00 pm

At Cantina Divina, we meet at a local watering hole and chat over the daily buzz of Broadway and the Council Bluffs region.

October 19 at The Barrell

Din-Din Divina

6:00 pm

Din-Din Divina meets at Broadway and then heads to an area restaurant for feast, fellowship, and faith formation.

November 16 at The 712

Womens' Bible Study

Over the course of the fall through spring, women meet at 5:00 pm on Wednesdays friendship and faith formation through Bible study. Lead by Lay Leader, Kristi Waller, we generally meet for 5-6 weeks in the fall, take a break for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, and resume again in January.  Come, study with us, pray with us, and share your presence with us.

Lazarus Awakening by Joanna Weaver.

Begins Wednesday, September 6

We all know Jesus loved Mary – look how she worshiped. And we can understand why He loved Martha – after all, look how she served. But what about those of us who don’t know where we fit in the heart of God?

For many of us, moving the truth of God’s love from our heads to our hearts is a lifelong process. As we consider our inadequacies or grieve our shattered dreams, we find it difficult to believe that God cares for us personally.

In this life-giving book, Joanna Weaver shows you how to embrace the truth that Jesus loves you apart from anything you accomplish, apart from anything you bring. Just as He called Lazarus forth to new life, Jesus wants to free you to live fully in the light of His love, unbound from the graveclothes of fear, regret, and self-condemnation.

Aged to Perfection

Broadway seniors meet monthly to enjoy a meal and a program as well as some time of fellowship.  But really, all are welcome. 

Our resident chef, Margarite Goodenow prepares gourmet meals that are made with local and regional homegrown vegetables cooked to perfection, while our volunteers serve.

The meal is served at 12:15 pm and is followed by an informative and entertaining program.

September 7

FAMILY, Inc. provides public health and family support services to women, children and families in Southwest Iowa. It is FAMILY’s primary goal to assist parents in becoming their child’s first and most influential teacher through education, empowerment, and wellness.  Broadway partners with Family, Inc. providing a location and child care for parenting education classes.

October 5

Jenny Edmundson Hospital recently celebrated and honored individuals who have received cancer diagnosis and shared their stories.  Aged to Perfection will hear those stories at the October luncheon.

November 2

Officers with the Council Bluffs police department will be here to share information to protect seniors from those who would take advantage of them.