Questions Jesus Asked – a worship series for Lent and Easter

Got questions?  Well apparently, so did Jesus.  In the Gospels, Jesus asked 307 question.

We know that all good teachers use questions to measure someone’s understanding of a subject.  Great teachers use queries to expose new and deeper levels of understanding.  Jesus used questions as a way to open our minds to the possibilities of God’s grace and God’s kingdom.  

During our worship time this Lent and Easter, we will look at some of the questions Jesus asked and see how they help us find the answers we seek today.   If you wonder about your faith, ponder God’s presence in current events, and think about the need for justice then join us on Sunday mornings at either 8:30 or 10:30.  Curious minds welcome.

This year the beginning of Lent, Ash Wednesday coincided with Valentines Day.  Our worship asked the question, “What ist it you go into the wilderness to look at?”  A reed shaken by the wind? (Matthew 11:7)  Pastor Lanette’s message focused on the greatest love story every told.

Ash Wednesday Worship February 14 from Broadway UMC Council Bluffs on Vimeo.

Why are you bothering this woman? (Matthew 26:10) As we continue our Lenten journey and in light of even more violence in our society, Pastor Chris challenges us to seek justice in our broken world

Feb 18 Message from Broadway UMC Council Bluffs on Vimeo.