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Our Origins

Founded in 1856, Broadway United Methodist Church (BUMC) is an inclusive faith community of Christian believers in the heart of downtown Council Bluffs. We balance our worship services (8:30 traditional and 10:30 contemporary) with a Wesleyan theology centered in both personal and social holiness . More than a neighborhood church, we are a church for Council Bluffs and the surrounding region. Our members gather from across the area and share a commitment to engaging conversations, community service, social justice, and Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbors. Our mission is to make Christian disciples who make a difference in our community and around the world. Come worship with us on Sunday mornings on the corner of 1st and Broadway or join us for any of our weekday ministries. All are welcome.

Our Mission


The people of Broadway United Methodist Church of Council Bluffs live out our mission by seeking a lasting, life-changing relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We act out our faith by making a positive difference on our streets, in our neighborhoods, and around the world, just as Jesus has called us to do.  

Our Vision

Weaving a community of hope through connection.

Our Values

Statement adopted by the Church Council of Broadway United Methodist Church on May 28, 2019

We believe all people are created in the image of God.
We believe all people are children of God and desire affirmation of this truth.
We believe that all people desire a safe place to experience God.
We are committed to building a community where all feel safe to be authentic and to give full expression to their experiences of love and of God, where all feel safe to bring their questions, doubts, and struggles.
We believe no one should place barriers between people and their ability to know God.
We repent for the stumbling blocks we have created both by our action and our inaction.
We are committed to building a community where we can allow those we disagree with to coexist with us and where we learn to celebrate this diversity.
We recognize that there is tension and uncomfortableness that comes with building a truly inclusive community but we believe that is exactly who Jesus calls us to be.
We are committed to building a community where the challenging truths revealed in diversity help us all to grow toward perfection in love.
We believe the markers of a Godly marriage are consent and mutual flourishing between two adults.
We believe human beings need relationships and connection in order to thrive.
We are committed to building a shared ethic of behavior that is affirming to all people and allows space for humans to flourish in the Holy Spirit.
We are committed to building a community where truth, beauty, and love will be revealed in our disagreements as much as in our core values.