From “Once and For All” – a series based on the letter to the Hebrews
Rev .Alexis Johnson
November 14, 2021

Scripture: Hebrews 10:11-25

First a confession!

  • I STRUGGLE to get places sometimes. So when you read this, know it’s NOT a guilt trip.
  • We’re wrestling for health together

Hebrews exists to encourage a community of faith that’s lagging.

  • Attendance is dropping
  • Initial fervor is gone
  • Early disciples were dying off and persecutions were happening

Let’s review where we’ve been.

  • Ch 1&2 This passage forms the basis for a lot of creeds; the nuance meaning is debated by scholars; but the ultimate good news is that we have Jesus, in flesh, with God, and he builds a bridge so that God keeps speaking to us.
  • Ch 4 God knows everything. We are already exposed. Claiming everything about ourselves to ourselves and to our community is the path to healing for ourselves.
  • Ch 5 – Jesus stays soft to the world and we are called as Christ’s Body to stay soft to the world
  • Ch 7 Jesus’s sacrifice brings all people into alignment and relationship with God. What are we willing to sacrifice to get those around us to Jesus?
  • Ch 9 We see what heaven is at the end of time and we are called to be a glimpse of heaven here and now.
  • Ch 11 We owe much of ourselves to the work of others and how we live will have an impact on those in the future.
    When I talk about community
  • THESE are vital pieces of what I’m talking about

Community is the most effective way to keep moving to health.

  • The word translated “spark” also has connotations “agitate” or “irritate”
  • When we have to answer to others for our progress, we are more likely to make progress
  • Community where all are welcome but then we keep striving forward
  • No assimilation- new people help us learn new things too

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