Rev. Alexis Johnson
Easter Sunday – April 4, 2021

Scripture: Mark 16:1-8

Thesis: What will we do with the information we have? Do we flee in fear or follow despite the risk?

The Input:

There are three recorded responses in Mark’s Gospel to Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection:

  • The named men who are disciples run and hide
  • The named women who are disciples stay, return to the burial site, then experience fear when their grief is abruptly changed to confusion.
  • There is a young man in white hanging out.

The Young Man:
I had always assumed he was an angel but what if he’s the young man from Mark 14:50-52?

  • His story would be one of fleeing in fear at the arrest then sitting boldly at the place of resurrection.
  • Dressed in white = transfiguration or martyrdom.

The Conclusions:
We, along with Mark’s readers, know the story does not end in silence. The women eventually speak, the men eventually stop running. So what is the author doing?
What if Mark is creating space for our own work? This is an invitation to us and to every disciple ever. Flee or follow?

  • To flee is to deny what we know to be true.
  • To follow is to risk death and imprisonment. Jesus never promises safety and ease.
    Jesus does promise to be with us to the end of the age.
  • We also learn that it does not matter if we have chosen to flee or to avoid up until now. There is always an opportunity to decide to follow and be used by God.

Call to Action and Response: Decide to follow and do something with that decision that builds the Kingdom in your local community.

Up from the Grave He Arose (Refrain)
The United Methodist Hymnal #322

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