How Is It With Your Soul?

Soul Reset – Week 1
Rev. Alexis Johnson
April 11, 2021

Scripture: Matthew 11:28-30

Secondary Source: Soul Reset Junius B. Dotson Upper Room Books Nashville 2019

Theme/Thesis: The most important thing is staying close to Jesus. That’s what sustains us for the lives and the works to which we are called.

Main Points

John Wesley wanted small groups to address “How is it with your soul”

  • Pro: This question gets us deeper
  • Con: This question is hard to answer

Examen version: When did you feel connected to God today? When did you feel disconnected?

Discipleship/Spiritual Practice: Can feel like more addition to an already overwhelming calendar

  • A Yoke binds two animals together so they share the work load.
  • When Jesus invites us to Him, it is so He can partner with us and we can walk with Him.

It’s HARD to believe but when we start and end our day connecting to God on purpose, we find resources to cope with what’s in front of us. God doesn’t want a few hours, God wants 24/7. This is the RESET.

The church is meant to embody Jesus on earth. Now when we are asked “How is it with your soul?” we can remember we are talking to our partners.

Call to Action plus response
Get connected! We are trying to form small groups that are meant to be places of practicing connection with God through spiritual disciplines. We just need people willing to say “This is when/where we’ll meet.” The Pastors are happy to provide the content so no one has to feel like an expert in order to call the group together.

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