It's Not All On Me

Rev. Alexis Johnson
April 25, 2021

Scripture: Luke 10:38-42

Secondary Source: Soul Reset Junius B. Dotson Upper Room Books Nashville 2019

Main Point: When Jesus’ very presence is our first priority, we can lift our eyes from the long list of tasks to be done and instead focus on their greater purpose. Busyness is not the way of Jesus. (Soul Reset Sermon Starters Week 3)

Trouble in the Text
Martha is doing good work. But it doesn’t feel good at the moment.

  • We don’t know how many people are there, but it’s enough that Martha freaks out and feels like it’s all her responsibility.
  • Martha rants because she is out of emotional resources.
  • Martha is distracted from Jesus by her impossible task like Peter sinking in the water AFTER he starts looking at waves instead of Jesus.

Trouble in Life
We can come to the end of our resources and find ourselves ranting or just be done.

  • We have lost of sight of Jesus and are completely wrapped up in our circumstances.
  • This has happened to me!! It’s a sign of burn-out.

Grace in the Text
Jesus helps her if she has ears to hear.

  • “Just get close to me.”
  • He doesn’t rebuke her, He throws her a life line.

Grace in Life
Jesus will guide us when we need to be busy and when we need to be still.

  • He never rebukes us, He saves us from ourselves
  • We are invited back to Him every day.

Reflective Work

  • Have we given Jesus our whole calendar and day yet?
  • If we’re feeling disregulated, are we distracted from Jesus?
  • Have we taken on things that aren’t our things?


  • Take a fast from busyness or decisions as often as possible.
  • Add regular and frequent Breath Prayers.
    Inhale: Lord, fill me up.
    Exhale: I’ll only follow You.”

Gracious and loving God, thank you for the gift of your presence with us in our busyness and hurried lives. Help us to slow down, give our burdens to Jesus, and live more fully in your presence. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Soul Reset Sermon Starters Week 3, Junius B. Dotson

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