Rev. Alexis Johnson
April 1, 2021

Scripture: John 13:1-20

Thesis: We must know who and whose we are to be set free for true service.

The Input:

Jesus KNOWS:

  • That the disciples would be without Him soon.
  • That He had been given everything
  • That He had come from heaven and was returning to heaven
  • That Judas would betray Him
  • Who His disciples were


The Conclusions

What are we, along with the disciples, called to know?

  • Who we ARE
  • Who calls us
  • That we need community to serve and be served. 
  • When we are clear on who we are, even the most humble acts of service cannot change that.
  • Service must be voluntary to be holy (laying down power). If it is compelled or coerced, it is abuse.  

Call to Action and Response: Know who you are. Consider your power. Serve and be served for the sake of the community.

Good Friday

A service of Shadows and Stones

Rev. Mark Johnson

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