Rev. Alexis Johnson
December, 27, 2020

Scripture: Matthew 2: 1-11

Theme: From the moment of Jesus’ birth, people responded strongly to His presence. How do we respond? 


Matthew and Luke give us the Infancy Narratives

Luke tells us

  • Angels declared the birth to Shepherds who immediately went to see.
  • The Holy Family took two trips to Temple, one at 8 days and one at 33 days.  In fact, during one trip they meet Simeon and Anna, who prophesy over Jesus and experience comfort at seeing the Messiah in this baby.

Matthew tells us

  • The Magi (Wise Men) from Persia follow a star to Jerusalem
  • Herod’s response to news of a different King is of genocidal killing of all the male toddlers in Bethlehem

Let’s focus in on the Magi

  • They are Foreigners, Astrologers, Zoroastrians 
  • Traveled 100 days one way to see Jesus

Jesus as Lord

  • Jesus is called Lord 600 times in the New Testament and it starts with these narratives
  • ‘Lord’ is usually someone with authority over people and responsibility to the population

Take Away and Call to Action:

To call Jesus Lord is to agree to submit to Jesus’ authority. Therefore, how we answer this call to submission reveals who we really are: 

  • Are we comforted and elated like Simeon, Anna, and the Shepherds?
  • Are we defensive and even violent like Herod?
  • Are we willing to sacrifice much in order to experience this Lord like the Magi?

Participate in the Covenant Service or read the Covenant Liturgy. Make a commitment to fully submit to Jesus as your Lord in 2021.

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