New Pastors Announced

New Pastoral Team Announced

At worship last Sunday, we learned the identity of Broadway’s new pastoral team effective in early July.  Marv Kieckhafer, SPPRC chair shared the announcement at both services followed by a video greeting from Pastor Alexis Johnson and Pastor Mark Johnson.

Transition Schedule

As we make this transition to new pastoral leadership, Broadway is making efforts that allow time for you to say good-bye to Pastor Lanette and Pastor Chris, time to welcome Pastor Alexis and Pastor Mark, and time for all to be together in worship and fellowship.

On Sunday, June 3rd you are invited to a special worship service at 5:00 pm.  Pastor Lanette and Pastor Chris will welcome Pastor Alexis and Pastor Mark along side them in a service that will include all four pastors.

Sunday, June 17 will be Pastor Lanette’s and Pastor Chris’ final Sunday preaching at Broadway.  Please be here to send them to their next call with your blessing.

Sunday, June 24th we are currently lining up a guest to share the message and share in a special event.

As the conference continues to set moving schedule, we will let you know Pastor Alexis’ and Pastor Mark’s first Sunday worship at Broadway.  Please check back in a few weeks.