From “Once and For All” – a series based on the letter to the Hebrews
Rev.Alexis Johnson
November 7, 2021

Scripture: Hebrews 9:24-28

What do you think of when you think of heaven?

Golden street and pearly gates come from Revelation – a reality at the end of time.

Spiral Dynamics

A very simplified summary.
You can find different descriptions in different sources

1)Starts with survival only
2) tribes/magic
3) ‘might is right’
4) defined by rules, where religion forms
5) meritocracy, leaders are smartest/competent
6) egalitarian, holding many perspectives as truth, community matters
7) holistic, kosmos-centered, flexibl
8)  aware of the oneness of us all (theoretical stage demonstrated in saints and sages)

Trajectory in history

  • Hunter/gatherer
  • then settled agriculture (the more we controlled, the less people needed to find food)
  • then settled urban centers so we get commerce
    written language
  • people whose primary work is mental, etc.

Imagine jumps like the Enlightenment, or the Industrial Revolution.

Most of us don’t spend the majority of our time getting or preparing food, we shop! Which means time for other thing

Trajectory in Bible

  • Abraham doesn’t need to be told how to sacrifice Isaac.  God teaches Abraham that this God doesn’t actually want child sacrifice
  • Rules in the Bible that read as backwards to us, are the leading edge of laws at the time in that area.
  • Move through Temple sacrificial worship to Jesus and other modern Jewish practices
  • It’s possible that even if the Temple was rebuilt, modern Jews would not condone the return of blood sacrifices
  • God is not angry! God is not waiting to smite us! 

Back to heaven! 

  • Gates that never close is RADICAL
  • No fear. No enemies.
  • City has a river and a tree for healing
  • Jesus is calling US to be heaven here and now!
  • No need to close the doors of the church – all our welcome
  • All should experience healing in here.

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