Rev. Alexis Johnson
June 20, 2021

Scripture: John 1:1-18

As Wesleyans we understand grace in 3 ways.

This is not 3 different graces but all the same grace experienced in an ever deepening way as we are transformed by that grace

  • Prevenient – grace that is active in ALL lives
  • Justifying – grace that enables us to have a relationship with God
  • Sanctifying – grace that moves us toward perfection in love

Let’s define grace. It’s not (just) a gift, its the way the world works.

  • Scripture tells us that all things came into being through Christ and are held together through Christ. Existence itself is an act of grace.
  • Scripture tells us that God causes rain & sun for the righteous and the unrighteous. Anything from nature that helps us live is the result of grace.

Prevenient, or preventing, grace

  • Active in every life regardless of belief or understanding
  • Usually only noticed once we move through justification – hindsight 20/20
    God’s attempts to draw us into relationship with God but demonstrating God’s love over and over again in a many ways

Where have you experienced grace?
In my life, it was the people at my UMC church that never gave up on a teenager going through a faith crisis.

Take time to write down all the ways you can identify as an experience of God before you knew God. Share your stories with us!

Be this grace for others!

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