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Sunday Worship at 8:30 & 10:30 AM In person and Online


Together we grow through worship.  For many, worship is the front door to finding a church community.  This is where we sing, we pray, we hear the stories of God working through the life, death, and resurrecton of Jesus, and we respond by sharing light and love through the rest of the week.


We create space for God when we seek faith and grow as disciples through our relationships with others.  Small groups and age level ministries provide a judgement free space to ask questions and develop personal spiritual practices.


As we develop as a disciple of Christ, the Holy Spirit leads us to show God’s love to the world.  We do that through serving inside and outside the church building.  Our connection with others in Council Bluffs and other United Methodists create a global reach of caring and justice ministries.


As an inclusive church, Broadway United Methodist is a faith community that intentionally welcomes and embraces people from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or physical abilities. Here, everyone is valued, respected, and given equal opportunities to participate in worship, leadership, and community life. We actively seeks to break down barriers, challenge prejudices, and create a safe space where all individuals can fully express their faith and find acceptance. You will find we prioritize love, compassion, and justice, and recognize that every person is a beloved child of God.

Broadway UMC Inclusivity Statement - Adopted by Administrative Board on May 28, 2019

  1. We believe all people are created in the image of God.
  2. We believe all people are children of God and desire affirmation of this truth.
  3. We believe that all people desire a safe place to experience God.
  4. We are committed to building a community where all feel safe to be authentic and to give full expression to their experiences of love and of God, where all feel safe to bring their questions, doubts, and struggles.
  5. We believe no one should place barriers between people and their ability to know God.
  6. We repent for the stumbling blocks we have created both by our action and our inaction.
  7. We are committed to building a community where we can allow those we disagree with to coexist with us and where we learn to celebrate this diversity.
  8. We recognize that there is tension and uncomfortableness that comes with building a truly inclusive community but we believe that is exactly who Jesus calls us to be.
  9. We are committed to building a community where the challenging truths revealed in diversity help us all to grow toward perfection in love.
  10. We believe the markers of a Godly marriage are consent and mutual flourishing between two adults.
  11. We believe human beings need relationships and connection in order to thrive.
  12. We are committed to building a shared ethic of behavior that is affirming to all people and allows space for humans to flourish in the Holy Spirit.

This policy was accepted by the Administrative Board on May 25, 2021.

We recognize that often when two people form a loving committed relationship, they ask the church to bless their marriage. After due consideration, the church responds by celebrating the work of God’s Spirit in their lives, in the presence of their family and friends. 

In our continuing effort to live out our Inclusivity Statement, especially our belief that “the markers of a Godly marriage are consent and mutual flourishing between two adults” adopted in 2019, we now resolve and affirm: That the congregation of Broadway United Methodist Church will approve and support the use of our church for marriage ceremonies approved by our officiating pastor and are licensed to be married in the State of Iowa.

We recognize that this may lead to disciplinary actions against our clergy, therefore we resolve to continue to support our clergy as Executive Officers and Preachers/Teachers of our congregation despite any consequences they are given.  

While we are not entirely of one mind, we are committed to continued prayerful and inclusive consideration of what it means to be an inclusive, bridge-building church and the implications for our mission: Seeking, Growing, Serving with Unconditional Love and Acceptance.