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COVID-19 Response

Broadway United Methodist Church Council met on Tuesday, May 26th and Tuesday, June 3rd to discuss and approve a plan for re-opening in-person gatherings at the church.  The decision to follow the guidelines of the Iowa Annual Conference phases of re-opening, along with recommendations for health organizations and conversations with other pastors, will be observed.  The council created policies for each phase of re-opening.

As we transition from one zone to another, we will be tracking COVID data from Pottawattamie County, Iowa and Douglas and Sarpy Counties in Nebraska.  Each Monday, the council will be informed of case numbers (keeping in mind the percentage of tests given).  If it is determined that there has been a steady decrease in the number of positive cases for two consecutive weeks, the council will vote on reopening the following Sunday.

Broadway worship will remaing online through the Red and Yellow Phases.  

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Red-Yellow-Green phase guidelines for meeting at Broadway UMC


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